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Housing Resources

  • Accessible Housing Search Tool
  • These are resources that can, and will help you with your housing search. We recommend that students read through each of these handouts to become educated on what it means to search for an apartment in the city, as well as become informed commuters!

  • Tenant (YOUR) Rights Brochure

    Become familiar with your rights as a tenant while renting an apartment, as well as look up specific laws that will benefit you as a renter.

  • Renters Insurance

    Although sometimes not required, we highly recommend you acquire renters insurance for your apartment either way!

  • How to Avoid Scams

    Places like Craigslist are hot spots for scams. Read through our suggestions on how to avoid any scams you might come across throughout your housing search.

  • MA Subletting Agreement Form

    Use this form as an outline for you and the person you are subletting with.  It will help with organizing payments, fees, and responsibilities while you are subletting.

  • Student Furniture Rental Packages

    Why purchase furniture when you only need it for a few semesters?  Save yourself the hassle of trying to organize furniture purchases, moving out, and selling old furniture.  CORT allows students to rent entire rooms worth of furniture at a monthly cost!

  • Furniture Options : Rent OR Buy

    There are many options when it comes to furniture. You can buy or rent from various companies in the Boston area. Most students who are only renting an apartment for a semester, will rent their furniture.

  • Roommate Resources

    Looking for a roommate? Find out what other students have found to be useful, as well as some helpful tips from the OCSS!

  • Moving & Storage Options

  • Area Neighborhoods

    Unfamiliar with neighborhoods in and around the city of Boston? Or maybe just want a refresher as to how far away some town are from Campus? Read through our lengthy list of area neighborhoods to familiarize yourself potential neighborhoods!

  • Boston’s “No More Than 4” Rule

    Did you know that Boston has a law in place that does not allow more than 4 undergraduate students to live in the same apartment?

  • Apartment/Renter Checklist

    A few items that we believe are important to make sure you “crossed off the list” before signing a lease, and moving into your apartment.

  • Emerson Off Campus FAQs

    Read through what other students are asking about the off campus housing search, and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Temporary Housing Options

    A list of accommodations that offer nightly and weekly options for your to stay.